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Annual Meeting: October 31- November 1, 2003
Vanderbilt University


Friday, October 31, 2003

7:30 P.M.

Keynote Address: Richard Kraut, Northwestern University
An Aristotelian Conception of Well-Being
114 Furman Hall (reception following)

Saturday, November 1

9:00-9:50 A.M.

Unity and Community in Politics II, Kevin Honeycutt, Emory
Commentator: Michael Krom, Emory 
         Furman 106

Events, Mass Terms, and Logical Form: Still Defending Modus Tollens, Christopher Pynes, UT-Knoxville
Commentator: Ken Presting, Independent Scholar           Furman 109

'Compatibilisms': Two For the Price of One, Jim Montmarquet, Tennessee State University
Commentator: Allen Coates, Vanderbilt            Furman 123

Modest Evidentialism, Scott Aikin, Vanderbilt
Commentator: Jason Kawall, Colgate University          Furman 132

10:00-10:50 A.M.

On the Metaphysical Half (-Life) of Aristotle's Doctrine of Chance in "Physics 2.4-8", Lee Mayo,  Notre Dame
Commentator: John Phillips, UT-Chattanooga          Furman 106

Conditional Probability: The Next Generation, Ken Presting, Independent Scholar
Commentator: Christopher Pynes, UT-Knoxville          Furman 109

Emersonian Pluralism: Emerson's Unique Approach to Value Pluralism, Robert Sharp, Vanderbilt
Commentator: David Howell, Pellissippi State          Furman 123

Confidence in Unwarranted Knowledge, David Martens, Auburn University
Commentator: Scott Aikin, Vanderbilt          Furman 132

11:00-11:50 A.M.

Epistemology Meets Ethics: The Relation Between the Intellectual and Moral Virtues,
Debbie Zeller, The University of Memphis
Commentator: Jim Montmarquet, Tennessee State University          Furman 106

Safety, Identity and Consent: A Limited Defense of Reproductive Human Cloning,
Robert Lane, State University of West Georgia
Commentator: Bill Kabasenche, UT-Knoxville          Furman 109

Genuine Options in 'The Will to Believe', James Bednar, Vanderbilt
Commentator: Cynthia Gayman, Murray State University          Furman 123

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: A Sartrean Perspective on Virtue in Revolutionary France,
David Carefoot, Lane College
Commentator: Jordy Rocheleau, Austin Peay          Furman 132

12:00-1:45 P.M.

Business Meeting, Room 109, followed by lunch

1:45-2:35 P.M.

The Importance of Self-Knowledge, A. Minh Nguyen, Eastern Kentucky University
Commentator: David Martens, Auburn University          Furman 106

Ethical Internalism and Cognitive Theories of Motivation, Allen Coates, Vanderbilt
Commentator: Mark Michael, Austin Peay          Furman 109

What is Internalized Racism?, Brian Thomas, UNC/Chapel Hill
Commentator: Kris Sealey, The University of Memphis          Furman 123

2:45-3:35 P.M.
What Should a Radical Skeptic Think about His Hand, Brian Ribeiro, Belmont University
Commentator: A. Minh Nguyen, Eastern Kentucky University           Furman 106

Comparative vs. Character-Based Models of Pride and Their Consequences,
Dina Garmong, Auburn University
Commentator: Debbie Zeller, The University of Memphis          Furman 109

Wittgenstein, Rule-following and Virtues, Bill Kabasenche, UT-Knoxville
Commentator: Rick Ray, Northeast State          Furman 123

3:45-4:35 P.M.

Talisse on Teaching the Euthyphro - Continuing the Conversation, John Hardwig, UT-Knoxville
Commentator: Mason Marshall, Vanderbilt          Furman 106

Aquinas and Tibbles the Cat: Novel Solutions to a Puzzle about Material Objects,
Christopher M. Brown, UT-Martin
Commentator: TBA          Furman 109

The Gettier problem truly solved, Charles Cardwell, Pellissippi State
Commentator: Brian Ribeiro, Belmont University          Furman 123

Utilitarianism, Egalitarianism, and the Right to Equal Consideration,
John Fitzpatrick, University of Southern Indiana
Commentator: Jill Hernandez, The University of Memphis          Furman 132

4:45-5:35 P.M.

Husserl: Crisis and History, Jeffrey M. Jackson, Vanderbilt
Commentator: TBA        Furman 106

Of Carts and Horses: On the Primacy of the Virtues, Jason Kawall, Colgate University
Commentator: Dina Garmong, Auburn University          Furman 109

Defending Rawls From Nielsen's Capitalism, Socialism, and Justice,
Steve Tammelleo, The University of Memphis
Commentator: David Carefoot, Lane College          Furman 123

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